On February 24, Russia launched an armed aggression against Ukraine. Russian troops violated the integrity and sovereignty of the state neighboring Poland, threatening the security of all nations living

in our part of Europe. War means death and tragedies of defenseless people, paralysis of the economy, chaos and destruction to an extent that is currently unpredictable.
The Polish Friendship Zgoda Society expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people fighting and defending their homeland.

On behalf of the Board of the Polish Association of Zgoda, I appeal to:

 Society members
 Sympathizers
 Poles living in the British Columbia Province

To support the collection of cash donations for Ukrainian citizens to purchase medical materials,

essential everyday items for the defenseless victims of the military aggression of the Russian armed forces.

Let us not forget that our homeland, Poland, is within the range of aggression by the Russian armed forces. By helping the citizens of Ukraine, we are giving them moral and financial support to fight the Russian aggressor.

Helping Ukraine – we are helping our Homeland POLAND !!! Let’s turn words into action!

Each donation will be recorded; the list of donors will be available on the Society’s website, refreshed everyweek.ThecollectedsumwillbetransferredUkraineHumanitarianAppeal organization, which will provide the fund to citizens in need.

Please provide donations:

1. A check maid to Polish Friendship Zgoda Society with the note: Aid for Ukraine 2. Interact e-transfer email:

3. Cash delivered to the PT Zgoda office. Please contact us before your arrival to arrange the date and time of the meeting by phone: 778-387-8620; 778-772-7511; 604-716-2632; 604-728-9471.

The time has come to put aside any disagreements and personal ambitions, let’s show the citizens of British Columbia that we are a nationality that will join Ukraine’s aid operation in moments of need.

Board of the Polish Friendship Zgoda Society

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